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by Thursday, November 21, 2013

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We just couldn’t resist, eventhough for the past few days, Internet has been practically exploding with this CUTENESS OVERLOAD story. And is all about #theoandbeau, Theo being the cutest dog EVER, or more precisely he was abandoned at a Santa Cruz shelter, if you wanna know more Theo is part boxer, part Shepherd and part Labrador retriever and you cannot help but keep melting away, just looking at him. It all started when the family adopted Theo and while being still a puppy he simply bonded with the youngest child of the family. So Theo (the puppy) and Beau(the baby) started napping together, and it was all shot by mom Jessica Shyba and shared via her blog, Momma’s Gone City and her Instagram account as well. And is like Jessica Shyba (mom blogger) says  “It’s like they waited their whole (young) lives for each other. #instantbesties”. For even more heart warming pics and from the bottom of our hearts, we really suggest for you to follow #TheoandBeau via @momsgonecity on Instagram and we promise, it will be cutest thing you’ve ever seen and we do mean EVER.

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NEW ENTRY – TFO ♥ #theoandbeau

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(Mommas Gone City)

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