Jessica Alba by Eric Guillemain for Sunday Times Style UK

by Monday, June 17, 2013

“Clean Cut” is the name of the cover story and editorial with the Hollywood A-list star and super stylish celebrity mum, who now declares war on bad chemicals in this pretty revealing interview. Jessica Alba talks about her new lifestyle business for the Sunday Times Style UK 16th June 2013 edition. Besides the pretty interesting interview, Mrs Alba wears “Clean cut” combos by Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Bottega Veneta, all beautifully styled by Roxane Danset and shot in the gorge rich colored outdoor surroundings by Eric Guillemain with Make up by Lauren Anderson and Hair by Jen Atkin.

Jessica Alba is one of our fave Hollywood stars with great personal and Red Carpet style, any thoughts, just let us know*

CREDITS (Interview published in Sunday Times Style UK 16th June 2013)

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