Versace Spring Summer 2014

by Sunday, June 23, 2013

Main Show & Backstage Exclusive


Every year, the end of June is especially reserved for the Menswear fashion. It’s that time of year again, when all of the fashionistas, fashion PRESS and everybody who is somebody, in fashion world, comes to Milan to see the latest shows, for the next year season. Yesterday was the first day of Milan Men’s Fashion Week, that showcases Spring 2014 collections and The Fashion Obsession has had the privilege and an exclusive opportunity to show you some candid backstage images from the Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Prada and Gucci show.

TFO’s fashion friend, and very talented Makeup Artist, who is working on the high international level, and is  based out of Netherlands, Katerina Brans is in Milan at the moment. And between her super busy schedule, she was able to share with us some of her special backstage moments, starting with Versace and Dolce & Gabbana show, with more of the above mentioned shows, which are coming up within the next few days. Katerina, as I just mentioned, is an International Makeup Artist and for the last three years she has been assisting the team of the worldwide renowned, as well as  one of the most respected Makeup Artists in the world, Pat McGrath.

Coming back to Versace show, Katerina told us, how the basic vision, for the Versace menswear Spring Summer 2014 beauty look featured natural and beautiful dewy skin, with highlights on the natural groomed eyebrows and well moisturized lips. She also added, how the idea of using the bright colored muscle patches, as a fashionable accessorie, she has found pretty coolAnd we couldn’t agree more, if you look at the images from the show, as well as the backstage looks, you will right away notice the multicolored muscle patches, similar to those, worn by some of the professional tennis players, that are usually strategically placed on the models arms, torsos and legs, and in this case, they just made the clothes pop even more.



We quite loved the dramatic beginning of the show, with legendary Wagner’s The Valkyrie music theme and even Donatella has stated, how she thinks of herself as being the drama queen and how that music intro was just perfect to open the show. The show later continued with more music from the 80’s, together with the 80’s and the 90’s inspired fashion, that is hugely trending right now. The newest Versace collection, for the Spring Summer 2014, was actually based around the athletic theme and was full of brights, as you would expect from Donatella, but it also had some lovely knitted pieces, and quite a lot of fun sporty combos, as well as some strong and sexy leather outfits, that are so significant for Versace fashion. After all of the sport-inspired looks though, the collection was completed with a series of nearly classic suits, who had the zip pockets and some funky leather detailing and we all know how Donatella loves rock and roll music, black leather and obligatory metal studs.


Backstage EXCLUSIVE – Versace Menswear Spring Summer 2014

Donatella Versace





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Exclusive backstage – RESERVED RIGHTS

Article by Martina Begovich for The Fashion Obsession

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