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We have been covering all of the most interesting fashion shows from Paris Fashion Week via our Facebook page, but we haven’t shown you one special show – and we are talking about LANVIN Spring 2014 show. Lanvin is always most anticipating show and everyone just loves Mr Alber Elbaz. So I’ve rounded up some of my fave backstage and beauty shots via German and US Vogue. And as a special treat we have a LANVIN Spring 2014 full show in VIDEO. We would love to hear from you and see your shares and likes too, but most of all scroll down to see our selection of our FAVE BACKSTAGE & BEAUTY SHOTS and DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT the VIDEO too. ENJOY!

Lanvin Spring 2014 – Close Up on BACKSTAGE & BEAUTY

1prit 2lanvin-rtw-ss2014-backstage-09_215357869565.jpg_carousel_parties 3lanvin-rtw-ss2014-backstage-06_215355984088.jpg_carousel_parties 4lanvin-rtw-ss2014-backstage-17_21540488419.jpg_carousel_parties 5lanvin-rtw-ss2014-backstage-04_21535364211.jpg_carousel_parties 6lanvin-rtw-ss2014-backstage-15_215402920190.jpg_carousel_parties 7arousel_parties 9lanvin-rtw-ss2014-backstage-20_215406628520.jpg_carousel_parties 11lanvin-rtw-ss2014-backstage-19_215405759290.jpg_carousel_parties 13lanvin-rtw-ss2014-backstage-03_215352702163.jpg_carousel_parties 14lanvin-rtw-ss2014-backstage-16_215403737821.jpg_carousel_parties 15lanvin-rtw-ss2014-backstage-07_215356312075.jpg_carousel_parties8lanvin-rtw-ss2014-backstage-13_215401531438.jpg_carousel_parties10lanvin-rtw-ss2014-backstage-14_21540176897.jpg_carousel_parties 16portrait 17article_portrait 18rticle_portrait 19fashionshow_article_ortrait 20fashionshow_article_portrait 21h_fashionshow_article_portrait 22ow_article_portrait 23_article_portrait 24ticle_portrait 25cle_portrait 26_fashionshow_article_portrait27h_fashionshow_article_portrait 28hionshow_article_portrait 29h_fashionshow_article_portrait

Lanvin Spring 2014 – Show in VIDEO



(Images via Sonny Vandeveld Victoria Will)

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