For the princess in you & for the Prince that will luv u in Alice + Olivia Spring 2014

by Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Alice + Olvia is totally commercial  (or is it?) as was explaining about the brand itself, earlier today, while Stacey Bendet (Designer behind the brand) talks about her line saying: “It’s contemporary, you know?”.  But, on the other hand, I have to say for me the idea of embellished jacket paired with ripped jeans sounds pretty perfect and cool. And I did love the sparkly silver bustier, worn with a cropped white tuxedo blazer and white leather pleated skirt . Alice + Olivia Spring 2014 collection, besides being preppy and pretty, was actually perfect for urban city princess with the rock and roll edge, which I’m pretty sure will find its buyers and admirers. So, as I call this collection – FOR THE ROCK AND ROLL PRINCESS IN YOU – scroll down to see our fave looks & ENJOY!

Alice + Olivia Spring 2014 – Fave looks

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Front Rowers at Alice + Olivia Spring 2014

18article-2416538-1BB957A0000005DC-357_634x947 19article-2416538-1BB94B6C000005DC-909_634x797 20article-2416538-1BB960B2000005DC-360_306x875 21article-2416538-1BB96315000005DC-892_306x875 22article-2416538-1BB94B90000005DC-231_634x825


(Getty Images WireImage Alice + Olivia Spring 2014 Official)

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