Durban Fashion Fair

by Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Durban Fashion Fair 2013

Just one day before the New York Fashion Week, that obviously starts tomorrow, we have another super treat for you and it is an EXCLUSIVE REPORT from one of the two most important Fashion Events in South Africa, besides Johannesburg Fashion Week and we are talking about DFF – Durban Fashion Fair. You know what they say – there’s always Fashion Week happening somewhere around the world. So this years Durban Fashion Fair was held just couple of weeks ago and we absolutely wanted to let you know how this fashion project was actually created two years ago, thanks to the Municipality of Durban and their main Representative Sindi Shangase, but it is all thanks to the extraordinary Italian collaboration as well, from the likes of Hélène Blignaut, who is very well known writer and fashion expert, with the South African origins and is one of the creators of this whole event. Every year Mrs Blignaut is selecting a special group of new young talents, bringing them to Milan and assisting them in making the possible transition into the Italian Fashion System. Supervisor of the Trade project is Maurizio Campos, Fashion Agent and Owner of the Exit Models Agency with Valentina Parrotta, Fashion & Comunications expert and Import manager as well as Andrea Garello Cantoni from Cape Best. We must also say, how we were pleasantly surprised, with quite a few designers that we liked and since TFO was following  the whole event. We really want to mention Italian brand DIEGO M, which was a special guest at DFF this year. And besides celebrating their 10th year Anniversary, this very trendy Italian fashion brand has showcased their Spring Summer 2014 collection, accompanied with one special Capsule Collection, completely dedicated to South Africa. We really loved this collection, especially the light blue, white and gold pieces, but also bright colored short cropped leather jackets. Another special appearance, within this particular show, was new Italian label O.C. who produces and makes luxury handmade glasses with that all around Italian vibe. Other shows, that we also liked were especially David Tlale as well as Black PepperCarducci, Viyella and Zarth, just to name a few. A lot of important fashion guests attended the event, like Lucilla Booyzen, who is a fashion leader of the South African fashion system and main creator and organizer of the Johannesburg Fashion Week. We have therefore selected our fave looks and moments, that you can see within the images below. ENJOY!

Durban Fashion Fair 2013 – DIEGO M Spring Summer 2014

1DiegoM13DFF_SDR_1839_DiegoM_w387_h580 2DiegoM13DFF_SDR_1865_DiegoM_w387_h580 3DiegoM13DFF_SDR_1827_DiegoM_w387_h5806DiegoM13DFF_SDR_1629_DiegoM_w387_h580 4DiegoM13DFF_SDR_1640_DiegoM_w387_h580

Manuela Bortolameolli and Diego Mazzi – DIEGO M

Durban Fashion Fair 2013 – David Tlale Spring Summer 2014

7DavidTlale13DFF_SDR_1545_TLA_w387_h580 8DavidTlale13DFF_SDR_1482_TLA_w387_h580 9DavidTlale13DFF_SDR_1721_TLA_w387_h580 10DavidTlale13DFF_SDR_1729_TLA_w387_h580 11DavidTlale13DFF_SDR_1838_TLA_w580_h387

Durban Fashion Fair 2013 – Black Pepper, Viyella and Zarth SS 2014

12BlackPepper13DFF_SDR_0966_PEP_w580_h387 13Viyella-13DFF_1MG_SDR_0157_VIY_w580_h386 14Zarth13DFF_1MG_SDR_0087_ZAR_w580_h386

Durban Fashion Fair 2013 – Behind The Scenes

14IMG_0027 (1)_w580_h387 15IMG_0035 (1)_w580_h387 16IMG_0006_w580_h387 17IMG_0110_w580_h387 18IMG_0109 (1)_w580_h387

Durban Fashion Fair 2013 – LOCATION



(Durban Fashion Fair EXCLUSIVE IMAGES via SDR PHOTO Fashion Shows Portal)

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