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by Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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We just couldn’t resist to share our congrats to young and up and coming croatian model Marija Jankovic and congratulate her, on her first big success on International fashion scene. One of the reseaons is also, that obviously all the croatian fashion sites and blogs have been reporting about this, but we’ve noticed that prestigious and few other fashion sites and blogs have been reposting the look of  Marija Jankovic, writing besides the image, that the model in photo is Justyna Gustak. Even though there’s a resemblance between the two young models, Marija (Talia Model) and Justyna (Women), we were pretty proud of Marija’s success today, so we wanted to make sure and it would only be fair to say all of this, but we are also pretty sure it was an honest mistake from these web sites (since as far the is concerned, they have updated the correct name today, and we’ve actually send out the tweet this morning, giving our shout out to, so maybe we’ve actually helped in some way too, and that’s why we are here for, to help, educate and give the correct information, news and more about the world of fashion, as much as we can*) 🙂 And to sum this late post du jour, we send our biggest CONGRATS to Marija and we wish her all the best for her future career and many more important shows, shootings and covers to come. Make sure to remember this name right, ‘coz we predict you will be seeing her quite often. Scroll down the images we prepared, share, comment or LIKE and keep following our Fashion Weeks postings via our Facebook page as well.

Marija Jankovic (Talia Model) – Dior Haute Couture Spring 2014

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