Adam Lippes SS 14 is MAGIC!

by Wednesday, September 11, 2013

OPENINGCOVER-adam lippes spring 14

One of my fave looks from the Adam Lippes Spring 2014 collection certainly was a giant lion tattoo printed silk midi dress, that featured a second chiffon overlay down the front, giving it a multidimensional feel. The basic color palette also appealed to me, quite a lot, so the use of white, blue and nude, occasionally mixed with tiger print worked just perfectly together. I also really loved all the statement pieces and beautiful basics, like the cashmere knits, tailored track pants, and trendy culottes. The collection included oversize silhouettes and the lines of the cars and was presented in a small suite at the top of the Maritime Hotel. During presentation Mr Lippes was talking about his main inspiration for his latest collection (as stated via, which was a low rider lifestyle, that has roots in denim and is very big in countries like Mexico, California and even Brasil. We think this collection is just MAGIC. So make sure to look closely each and every look, that we’ve chosen, as our faves and don’t forget to explore some more about the Adam Lippes brand. ENJOY!

Adam Lippes Spring 2014 – Look book

1adam-lippes-look-book-spring-summer-20143 2adam-lippes-look-book-spring-summer-201411 3adam-lippes-look-book-spring-summer-201414 4adam-lippes-look-book-spring-summer-201413 5adam-lippes-look-book-spring-summer-20149 6adam-lippes-look-book-spring-summer-201410 7adam-lippes-look-book-spring-summer-201412 8adam-lippes-look-book-spring-summer-201415 9adam-lippes-look-book-spring-summer-201420 11adam-lippes-look-book-spring-summer-2014110adam-lippes-look-book-spring-summer-201416

Adam Lippes Spring 2014 – Presentation

12adam-lippes01 13adam-lippes09 14adam-lippes0614adam-lippes07 14adam-lippes08 15adam-lippes04 16adam-lippes02 17adam-lippes03 18adam-lippes05



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