French (braid) is the way to go!

by Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hair Styles to rock for NYE


Not sure if you remember the episode from Sex and The City (season 6), when Aleksandr Petrovsky says to Carrie: “You are so New York. Get in trouble. Be spontaneous!” Well, that’s exactly what we (more or less) wanna tell you, but with a twist – “Be French. Have Fun. Change your usual hair style!” – at least when New Year’s Eve hair style is concerned. We’ve been pretty much obsessing over french braids, some messy, some more like fish tail kind of french braids, but basically it’s all about the braids, braids, braids. And that’s why we think you should absolutely do something completely out of your comfort zone and FRENCH (braid) IS A WAY YOU SHOULD GO with and ring in the year 2016! Not to forget, after launching a new fashion column for Grazia Slovenia digital edition, we also have  a couple of new fashion projects, we are working on. More importantly, with one of them already being a work in progress and that we’ll continue to develop in the new year. All you need to do is keep following us and we’ll keep you up to date, on how it’s all progressing. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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