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Benetton & Sisley Press Day

by Saturday, December 17, 2016

UCB & Sisley Spring Summer 2017 Presentation


Colors and lines, of the United Colors of Benetton latest Spring Summer collection 2017 looks and pieces, have many ideas and new inspirations for all occasions. There are, in fact, so many styles, that you can mix and match, in order to customize your wardrobe and create your very own style. Main points and directions, for the iconic and globally beloved Italian brand, still remain colors, colors and a lot of colors, as well as the omnipresent passion for knitwear, combined with outerwear suits, mini and maxi dresses, adoring bomber jackets, duster coats and so much more.


3Benetton ss 17 Press Day Zagreb 14.12.2016_Foto Ines FiserBenetton Spring Summer 2017


For UCB Spring  2017, garments are mostly fluid and the colors range from rust to cream, from orange to blue and yellow to red ocher. Inevitable lines, mostly present on sweaters and dresses, are in different, irregular and abstract shapes. While rib patterns on mini pullovers, dresses and jumpsuits, include a drawstring collar, perfect for casual moments. A special preview, of the just described Benetton and Sisley 2017 collections, was presented in Zagreb, Croatia, just a little over a week before the Christmas holidays. And it was a perfect occasion, for all of the members from the most important Croatian media (some Slovenian and Serbian Media as well), fashion and lifestyle magazines, on line and print editions,  to see the pieces up close, before they come into the shops, by the end of January, next year.


4Benetton Sisley ss17 Press Day 14.12.2016 Zagreb_Foto Ines FiserSisley Spring Summer 2017


Towards the upcoming summer 2017, there are a lot of inovative trends, and we are talking about the lightweight sneakers, the color block jackets and hoodies (hooded sweatshirts with solid units), tank top boxers (the classic tank tops), nylon bomber jackets with floral prints and training suits in gray pearl shade. So for or all of  the UCB fans, who are seriously into tech and sports world, it will be interesting to find out, how running pants include antiperspirant quality to them. They are also a part of the athleisure concept, that includes some neoprene skirts and light weight pants with side stripes, and some bucket bags from neoprene material as well. Also available, there is a section dedicated to denim, which includes tops and shorts, and inevitable lingerie pieces, from the UCB Undercolors line. There are maxi skirts with pockets and always on trend, overalls, but also hugely popular decorative pins and patches attached on t-shirts, jackets and accessories, that feature words like – think, why, or diversity, just to name a few.





It was truly a special treat, to see all of the wonderful pieces, from Benetton and Sisley Spring Summer 2017 collections, and to see all of the trends and looks, that are going to be major must haves, for upcoming new seasons.

5DSC_31216DSC_2995Mara Rondi with Elle Croatia Fashion Director Sasa Joka & Vedrana Carapovic Storybook EiC

16DSC_3143Dejan David Kemperl Editor-in-Chief of Slovenian lifestyle David magazine 

17DSC_3167Croatian Opera Singer Ronald Braus enjoying the Sisley ss 17 new looks

13DSC_2948Jelena Todorovic of Adria Media Group Belgrade & UCB PR Stefania Cignoli, from Milan





PRESS Benetton Agency Trieste

Benetton Group International PR

  UCB & Sisley Spring Summer 2017

Images Atelje 130 by Ines Fiser

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Rock & Roll vibes

by Friday, September 23, 2016

Yasmin & Amber Le Bon for Sisley Fall 2016




With fashion and music running through their veins, in equal measure, mother-daughter duo, Yasmin and Amber Le Bon are the newest faces behind the Sisley’s latest Fall/Winter 2016 campaign. It could be the esprit that Yasmin exudes and has passed on to Amber, the refusal to conform to clichés, or simply a matter of DNA, feelings and experiences, but the undeniable fact is, Yasmin and Amber personify today’s women, who have their own concept of age, which is as purely as relative. They are both strong, passionate women, as well as sexy, independent, fascinating and urban – just the perfect match, and even more perfect embodiment of Sisley femininity.


0Sisley-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign02 1Sisley-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign05Yasmin & Amber le Bon suit up for Sisley’s Fall 2016 campaign


Yasmin and Amber are captured against a retro-inspired backdrop, that includes green wallpaper, fluffy white carpet and wood paneling. Two beautiful women confide to each other, talk and look into the camera, with appearance as they were both the same age. The ultra stylish pair is wearing statement pinstriped jackets, spotted prints and casual denim for the new autumn season. And the looks, each one of them is wearing, have a rock and roll flair, with seventies undertones. To complete the magic, Sisley’s latest campaign was shot by the talented, and very well known, as of lately also a film director, Italian fashion photographer, Francesco Carrozzini.


37A7C0A900000578-0-image-a-2_1472404681821Yasmin & Amber Le Bon, new Sisley faces, shot by Francesco Carrozzini



Models Yasmin & Amber Le Bon

Campaign  SISLEY Fall 2016/17

Photography Francesco Carrozzini

PRESS Benetton Agency

 Hashtags #LeBonForSisley #SisleyFashion #Sisley

 Instagram & Snapchat @sisley_fashion

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New Campaign & Creative Platform

by Monday, August 1, 2016

Clothes for Humans – United Colors of Benetton Fall 2016


Clothes for humans is the brand new United Colors of Benetton product and marketing philosophy, launched this summer. The latest campaign will in fact be the unifying force behind the brand’s three main strategies – a global campaign, a brand new website and a series of in-store initiatives and materials, including the “magalog”, a hybrid between a magazine and a catalogue, that will be distributed in all Benetton stores worldwide. Reflected by the three new product lines, the clothes for humans philosophy comes to life as a creative platform characterized by a core idea that Benetton explores – which are the most honest and most “human” moments of emotion, that are relevant to the clothing itself, all combined through a fresh and quirky approach. Both, the idea and the tone of voice, will be applied across each of the brand’s communications channels (magazine, digital, social media platforms, stores and worldwide out of house events). Three product lines, like all of the future collections, are revolving around knitwear, one of three brand pillars, that Benetton intends to focus on, and add value to through all its activities in general. The other two lines are, color and social commitment oriented, which are also main part of the brand’s original heritage.


5BENETTON_CFH_AW16_GLOBAL_BUILD_SP-724x1024Benetton Clothes for Humans Fall 2016 – new campaign


Benetton Stores will change the current design direction as well, while the design and communication materials will evolve, to turn the shopping experience itself, into a truly human moment, in which everyone – especially young women – will be able to isolate themselves from the background noise of status updates and filtered photos, and eventually reconnect to their own emotions, also thanks to Benetton clothes.


6BENETTON_CFH_AW16_GLOBAL_RAIN_SP-724x1024Clothes for humans campaign shows diverse, genuine & expressive real people


In Benetton Stores, customers will also be able to pick up the clothes for humans Magalog, a hybrid between a magazine and a catalogue, that continues Benetton’s long tradition of avant-garde editorial production. Inside the publication, Benetton’s collection images will be presented by in-depth photographic stories, about what people wear in different parts of the world, from where the first school uniform was born, to how women style their hijabs in Iran, and an eternal topic about, why boys usually wear blue, and girls wear pink.



 Magalog Kids Edition – Benetton quarterly publication 


Benetton will produce a quarterly publication dedicated to “the ways human beings are dressing”. “Magalog” will have an adult and kids edition, and it is also going to feature Benetton collection images, as well as editorial content about clothes from around the globe. All of the activity will be centered around Benetton’s new manifesto, which is – “We make clothes for humans that come in different colors, shapes and for humans that hold different beliefs. Humans that live their lives in different places. All humans”. Clothes for Humans hybrid publication, will select editorial content about clothes, showcasing not only what you see on the runway during fashion week, but what real people put on every day, before heading out the door. The latest Benetton clothes for humans campaign, both for adults and especially kids line, features everyone being portrayed in the pretty warm, contemporary and informal situations and environments, like two young siblings cutting each other’s hair, or kids sliding down the stairs, and two little girls drawing their art on the wall.


9BENETTON_CFH_KIDS_GLOBAL_DRAWING_SP-724x1024Clothes for Humans – Kids Campaign Fall 2016


Benetton Chief Product and Marketing Officer, John Mollanger has stated – the brand has a new strategy and it no longer aims to shock with its ads. Instead, it wants to engage more with customers on an emotional level and be more focused on the product itselfClothes for Humans campaign has the new aim therefore, to help increase the “respect” for the Benetton brand, and to celebrate “everyday moments and everyday emotions”. To achieve its aim, the Italian brand is stepping away from its famous and controversial approach to ads, that it use to have, back in the 80s and the 90s. In fact, the latest campaign has just been launched worldwide (online and offline) and the creative concept was applied through a series of short video episodes, distributed via all Benetton digital channels.



Clothes for Humans BENETTON  Adult Campaign Fall 2016

Creative Agency: 180 Amsterdam  
Theo Wenner
Julia Sarr Jamois
D Touch
Art Partner 

Clothes for Humans BENETTON Kids Campaign Fall 2016

Creative Agency: 180 Amsterdam 
Photography: Stefano Azario
Stylist: Jet Vervest
Production: Sarah Laird


Benetton Agency Trieste, Italy

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ashoo x Bijou Jewelry collection launch

by Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Exclusive Collaboration



TFO E-mag is honored to be the first fashion online magazine (in Croatia) to announce today, an exclusive collaboration, between two established Croatian and Zagreb based artisans, Anita Zannotti Stulec, very well known Shoes and leather goods designer, for the brand ashoo, and Dubravko Jagarinec, Master jeweler and Bijou brand jewelry designer. Inspiration for this exclusive collection of jewelry has come about, when Anita Zannotti Stulec was showcasing her Shootacchi project, at Zagreb Design Center, and was approached by the Bijou jewelry designer for collaboration. The collection has been in the making for a couple of months now, and was initially planned to launch for International Women’s Day, on March 8th, but with many local and international projects, Anita Zannotti Stulec has been working on, some in Italy and Paris, France as well, the collection has officially launched today. The main motif, of this exclusive jewelry collection, has been “a bow” and all of the pieces were made out of precious materials in gold, and some alternative materials, by the Bijou Jewelry designer, combined with different types of leather, strass and made in different color combinations, designed by Anita Zannotti Stulec.


SHOES + jewelry ashoo bijouashoo by Anita Zanotti Stulec x Bijou jewelry & Bow design on ashoo shoes


Ashoo x Bijou exclusive jewelry collection can be seen from today on, in Zagreb city center, at Frankopanska 5 street Bijou Studio, and will be available soon, at Marticeva 19 street Ashoo Studio as well. If you live in Zagreb, or if you are visiting the Croatian capital, and would like to buy the jewelry pieces (or shoes) you’ve seen here, simply click on the ashoo & Bijou Studio links in our article, to find out more info, and locate both shops and studios.


UNUTAR TEKSTA -1176795575687053_998896149_nashoo x Bijou exclusive collaboration and collection 


We are already in love with the whole collection and we can’t wait to try on these jewelry pieces and shoes as well. Feel free to send us some comments, or questions, and happy shopping!



ashoo by Anita Zannotti Stulec

Bijou jewelry Studio

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Beauty Report & Cosmetic News

by Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nail Art & Skin care treatment trends with Studio Nina 



Spring is definitely everybody’s favorite season, and when it comes to Spring, this is also the time, when we have to change our styling habits and our beauty routine. Fashion weeks are behind us, and we already know what wardrobe trends we need to follow, but when it comes to the perfect mani-pedi’s and impeccable facials, all of them are equally as important. We have therefore decided, to present to you and give you some pointers, on which trends you need to follow, when nail polishes and perfect skin care treatments are concerned. As a media sponsor, we were able to cover two beauty fairs recently, one in Zagreb, and this past weekend, another one at Cosmetic News in Opatija. At just finished Cosmetic News International Fair in Opatija we’ve had a chance to find out all the beauty trends and tips from the Zagreb Studio Nina beauty salon owner, who is also an exclusive representative of many prestigious beauty brands like CUCCIO, Miss Nicoll Nails, Deborah Lippmann, as well as very well known vegan and organic cosmetics brand for body, hands and feet care, SpaRitual, and last but not least, Grace Beauty lashes and extensions.




Coming back to IT nail polishes and shades, that you absolutely need to include, into your Spring nail colour selection, and according to our guest beauty expert, Studio Nina beauty salon owner, Nikolina Tkalcec, are – Cuccio Bali Bliss, Cuccio Karma and Cuccio St. Barts. You can simply click, on the just named nail polish links, and already shop via Nardus web shop.


CUCCIO colors nail polishesCuccio Colour nail polishes – IT shades St. Barts, Karma and Bali Bliss


Another nail polishes brand and line, that you should definitely try is, Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab pro nail collection, in pastel shades. The latest Deborah Lippmann Spring collection is called “Afternoon delight” and it has six new subtle pastel shades, that come in a set of deluxe sizes. In order to try them on, and if you live in the Zagreb, Croatia area, TFO is inviting you to check out and visit beauty salon Studio Nina at Vlaska street 79, and ask for Deborah Lippmann Gel Pro nail polishes manicure, in pastel shades.

Deborah Lippmann Afternoon Delight_GroupAnd before we leave you, another tip and skin care treatment that you should definitely try this Spring is – Yon-Ka Paris Anti age treatment with diamond micro-dermabrasion, but you shouldn’t also miss out the obligatory Spring body detox as well. We can’t wait to try Yon-Ka Paris beauty products and treatments, which is a Paris based luxury beauty brand, that Hollywood stars, like Julianne Moore and Jimmy Fallon, simply adore.


yonka1Yon Ka Paris Anti Age treatment


We certainly hope we’ve helped you pick out your favorite nail polishes and beauty treatments, as suggested by our guest Beauty Expert. Feel free to leave us a comment, or a question, concerning the beauty products and treatments we’ve introduced. We also invite you to check out Nina Studio beauty salon Facebook page, and become a fan, in order to get all the latest updates, information on special occasions, discounts and giveaways.



Cuccio Colour Nail Polishes

Deborah Lippmann

Yon-Ka Paris

Powered by Beauty Salon Studio Nina

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Cosmetic news in Opatija Croatia

by Monday, April 4, 2016

 23rd International Fair of Cosmetics and wellness


Cosmetic News International Fair and it’s 23rd edition will be held on the weekend of Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of April 2016, at the sports and congress center in Opatija. Like every Spring in Opatija, the longest-running fair of cosmetics in Croatia, will bring together a large number of exhibitors, where the visitors will learn about all the latest innovations from the world of cosmetics, wellness, dermatology, manicures, pedicures, body care and all around news about the healthy living lifestyle. In addition, all the visitors will have the opportunity to participate in many educational lectures, which will be led by the experts of the various beauty fields, from the cosmetics and wellness world.


3 Frida-Kahlo Cosmetic New Beauty ChallengeCosmetic News 2016 topic challenge – Look & Spirit of Frida Kahlo 


Each year, the competitions held, at the Cosmetic News Fair, are characterized by the interesting and challenging topics, and this year, it will be the look and the spirit from one of the most inspiring women of the twentieth century, Frida Kahlo. It is worth mentioning, how the entry and participation in the lectures, for everyone who is attending, is free. Among the fair events in general, you’ll also find some competitions in make-up, nail art and several other fields, like the design of eyelashes extensions, or sugar paste wax. Professionals and amateurs can both apply to participate and the organizers are encouraging you therefore, to be bold and challenge your skills, in the pleasant atmosphere of the competitions at the fair. The organizers are also inviting all the fans and aficionados, of high quality make-up and fun, to attend the special event on a Saturday, April 16th at 18:30 pm, in order to support the contestants. After the competition winners proclamation, all the visitors are more than welcome to enjoy the continuation of fun, with all the exhibitors, speakers and organizers of the fair, at the Night Club of Bristol Hotel in Opatija.


image description

Cosmetic News International Fair Opatija, Croatia – 16&17 April 2016



For even more information, about the location of Cosmetic News, all the trade fair events, schedule, exhibitors, lectures and everything else, make sure to check out the Cosmetic news website, or follow their Facebook page. Since The Fashion Obsession E-magazine is being one of the media partners of this beauty fair, you can also check out all the latest updates, in the upcoming weeks leading to the event, via our Facebook and web site as well.


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