Martina Begovich

Fashion Journalist/Columnist, Editor, Fashion Media/PR Consultant for fashion, beauty, lifestyle brands and events in Croatia and Italy


about TFO


The Fashion Obsession launched on Facebook in July of 2011 and after almost two years of intensive work, we have then decided to launch the website by the late 2013. After reaching over 5000 fans on Facebook and counting, through out 2014 and 2015 we’ve been concentrating on developing an idea of the E-mag edition, and given I’ve been professionally working in the fields of Fashion, Journalism, PR & Marketing Business for over a decade now, I always wanted to launch a fashion platform, where I could express myself without depending on a Publishing House or a Magazine. The main goal was, and still is, being able to offer, to all the fashion lovers, such as myself, a possibility to be informed about ins & outs of everything fashion all the time.

I’ve been following the industry since my teenage years and always wanted to have my own fashion publication. After studying Italian in Florence, while living there for a few years, I’ve also participated in “John Casablancas/Elite Model Management” and their “Image Investments School” in Milan, Italy, endorsed fashion contest for Fashion Journalism, whereas I came in at “Top 3 spots”. After that amazing experience, and life in Italy, business opportunities started coming, first and foremost with Cosmopolitan magazine Croatian edition. For the last 7 years, it continued with Grazia Magazine International Editions, more precisely with GRAZIA Croatia, followed by collaboration with GRAZIA Serbia & Montenegro and now mostly with GRAZIA Slovenia and special projects with Grazia Italia as well. I’ve also been collaborating with quite a few of the most important Italian online Fashion Media, and met, worked, or interviewed, most important Italian fashion professionals, editors, journalists and bloggers, as well as collaborated with Italian Fashion Agencies and Italian Radio in Trieste, Italy, where I was a weekly fashion contributor. Basically, my life is, and has been, divided between Zagreb, Trieste and Milan.

For the last few years, I’ve been involved  in organizing & producing some fashion shoots, as well as planning and writing cover stories and doing exclusive interviews in Italy. And I’ve discovered an incredibly big online fashion community, as well as amazing digital scene abroad, and met some equally amazing people along the way. So the idea of launching TFO web site, and later E-mag, came pretty natural to me. Besides all of that, for the last couple of years, we’ve started developing a very important fashion project, that will connect Italy and Croatia. Make sure to keep following us, in order to find out all about this project, we are about to launch, during 2016/2017. TFO platform also has a TFO Communications activity, a small specialized boutique agency, that offers a possibility of PR & Media services, professional advice in just mentioned fields, and in the fashion field as well, while being available for bookings, sponsorship deals and different PR projects, with clients, brands, events coming from those areas. Check out our contact & booking section, for more details, all the necessary emails and basic info.

Before you start exploring our TFO Emag, I want to underline the following fact once more. As a long time fashion professional, and besides this being a fashion web site, where we are going to report on all things fashion, beauty & lifestyle, this platform and web site has another very important goal as well, AND THAT IS -> Informing, entertaining and educating if you will, everyone who wants to become a part of the global fashion scene, or who wishes to become a working fashion professional on a global level. We are therefore going to do our absolute best, in offering you all the necessary info, give out the best tools, advice, tips and tricks possible, on how to succeed and achieve your ultimate goal.

Wishing all the best to all of the full time dreamers and all of The Fashion Obsessed out there! And don’t you forget – ALWAYS TO STAY CONNECTED with TFO!


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